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Todd Brooks Music

May 20:Harvest Gap Brewery- Hillsboro ,Va. 6-9pm (Full Band)​​​​​​

                                                                                                   2023 Shows

January 7:  Harvest Gap Brewery- Hillsboro ,Va. 6-9pm (Duo)

January 15 : Two Twisted Posts-Purcellville ,Va. 2-5pm (SOLO)

February 4 : Harvest Gap Brewery- Hillsboro ,Va. 6-9pm (Duo)(Cancelled) Emma Bailey Fill In !! Go see Emma!

February 11: Res Q BBQ-Leesburg Va. -2-5pm (SOLO)

February 25: Sound Production-Savash-Purcellville Legion

March 1: Vino Bistro- Leesburg,Va, 6:30-8:30pm  (SOLO)

March 4: Harvest Gap Brewery- Hillsboro ,Va. 6-9pm (Duo)

March 17: St Patricks Day at Coaches Corner- Purcellville, Va. (Full Band)

Ernie Theil-11:00am-1:00pm, Brian Fox and Friends 1:00pm-4:00pm ,TBPD 4:00pm-7:00pm

March 18: Private Event- Leesburg,Va. 12-4pm(SOLO)

March 24: Loco Youth Battle of The Bands (Sound Gig)- Tally Ho Theater, Leesburg, Va 6Pm

March 25: Res Q BBQ-Leesburg,Va. 6-9pm (SOLO)

March 31: Private Fund Raiser- Shepherdstown,WV  6-9pm (SOLO)

April 1: Harvest Gap Brewery- Hillsboro ,Va. 6-9pm (Duo)

​April 7: Belly Love Brewing- Purcellville, Va 6-9pm (SOLO)

​April 16: Sunset Hills-Purcellville ,Va 1:30-4:30pm(SOLO)

April 21 : Two Twisted Posts-Purcellville Va. 5-8pm (SOLO)

April 23: 50 West Vineyards- Middleburg, Va. 1:30-4:30pm (SOLO)

April 29: Private Bday Party-  TBD  (SOLO)

May 5 -Sound Production-Rowdy Ace Band

May 6: Segra Field- Loudoun United Pregame-Leesburg,Va. 6:15-7:30pm (SOLO)

May 11: Andy's Pizza-Lovettsville ,Va. 6:00-9:00pm (DUO)

May 13: Loco Food Truck Festival-Segra Field- Leesburg,Va 11-3pm (Full Band)(Gary)

11:00am-11:30am-Ed Chong, 11:30am-12:00pm-Brigit Cook, 12:00pm-1:00pm-Sela Campbell, 1:00pm-3:00pm-TBPD

May 14: Williams Gap Winery- Round Hill, Va. 1-4pm (SOLO)

May 24: Trump National Golf Course-Sterling ,Va. 5-8pm (Full Band) (Marcus)

May 18: Open Road-Merrifield,Va. -5-8pm (SOLO)

May 20:Harvest Gap Brewery- Hillsboro ,Va. 6-9pm (Full Band)(No Gary,No Marcus)

May 22: Dowell J. Howard Center Private Grad Party- Winchester, Va.  5-6:30pm (Full Band) (Gary)​​

May 27: Sinistral Brewing- Manasas .Va. 7-10pm (4Piece) (Gary)

May 28:Cancer Can Rock Fundraiser- 868 Estate Vineyards-Purcellville ,Va. 11:30-8pm (6:15-7pm set) (Full Band)(No lead)

May 29 : 50 West Vineyards-Middleburg,Va 1:30-4:30pm (Full Band) (Gary)

June 2: ResQ BBQ-Leesburg, Va 6-9pm (SOLO)

June 3:Harvest Gap Brewery- Hillsboro ,Va. 6-9pm (Full Band) (Marcus)

June 9: City Ridge Concert Series- 20 Ridge Sq. NW Wash DC. -6:30-9pm (Full Band) (Marcus)

June 16: Private Wedding-Lovettsville,Va (DJ Event)

June 17: Cure For Cleavage Fundraising Event-Spanky's Shenanigans-Leesburg,Va.-1-3pm (Full Band)(Marcus)

June 22: The Boro Concert Series- Tysons,Va. 5:30-8:00pm (Full Band)(Marcus)

June 23: 1836 Tap Room- Lovettsville,Va. 7-10pm (SOLO)

June 25: Harvest Gap Brewing -Hillsboro,Va 6:00-9:00pm (Full Band)(Gary)

June 30: Totten Concert Series- Dakota Ave/ Galloway St NE, Wash. DC. 6-8pm  (Full Band) (Marcus)

July 1: Village Of Leesburg-Leesburg,Va. 6-9pm (4 piece)(Marcus Probably) 

July 3: Private Event- Trump National Golf Course- Time TBD- (Full Band) (Gary)

July 5: Comus Inn- Dickerson Md. 5-8pm- (SOLO)

July 7 :Williams Gap Vineyard- Round Hill, Va. 4:30-6:30pm- (SOLO)

July 8: Sound Production- Savash- The Cove ,Lake Anna,Va. TBD

July 8-15- Todd Vacation

July 20: Corner Connection- Charles Town, WV 5-8pm-(SOLO)

July 22: Harvest Gap Brewery-Hillsboro,Va. 2:00-5:00pm (Full Band)(Marcus)

July 26: Members Only Trump National Golf - Sterling,Va. 5-8pm (SOLO)

July 29: Comus Inn-Dickerson Md. 5:00-9:00pm (SOLO)

July 30: Sunset Hills Vineyards-Purcellville, Va. 1:30-4:30pm (Duo)

August 3: Andy's Pizza: Lovettsville,Va. 6-9pm (Duo)

August 5:Harvest Gap Brewery- Hillsboro ,Va. 6-9pm (Full Band)(Marcus)

August 9: Vino Bistro-Leesburg, Va 6:30-8:30pm (SOLO)

August 12: Private Party- Lovettsville, Va. TBD- (Full Band) (Marcus)

August 25: Sound Production- Rowdy Ace Band -Poolesville Md.

September 1: ResQ BBQ-Leesburg, Va. 6-9pm (SOLO)

September 3 :Loco Fest  -868 Estate Vineyards - 2-9pm

September 4 : Sunset Hills Vineyards- Purcellville ,Va 1:30-4:30pm ( 4 piece) (Gary)

September 7:Andy's Pizza-Lovettsville,Va 6-9pm (Duo)

September 9: Tarara Summer Concert Series -w/Slippery When Wet-Lucketts,Va. 6-7pm (Full Band)(Gary)

September 16: Bluemont Fair- Bluemont Va. 4-6pm -Beer Garden Stage (Full Band)

September 23: Guitars for Vets Fundraising Event: Harpers Ferry Brewing-Purcellville, Va. 7:10-8:30pm (Full Band) (Fundraiser)(Gary)

September 28: Carlyle Concert Series-Alexandria, Va. 6-8pm (Trio) (Maybe 4 Piece)

September 30:Harvest Gap Brewery- Hillsboro ,Va. 6-9pm (Full Band)(Marcus??)

October 14: Harvest Gap Brewery- w/Rowdy Ace Band-Hillsboro ,Va. 6-9pm (Full Band)(Gary)

October 20: Comus Inn-Dickerson, Md. -5:00-9:00pm (SOLO)

October 22: 50 West Vineyards-Middleburg, Va. 1:30-4:30pm (Duo)

October 27: 1836 Tavern- Lovettsville, Va. 7-10pm (SOLO)

October 28: Private Wedding- Gainesville, Va.-TBD-(Full Band)(Gary)

November 4: Harvest Gap Brewery- Hillsboro ,Va. 6-9pm (Duo)

November 10: ResQ BBQ- Leesburg, Va. 6-9pm (SOLO)

November 17: Two Twisted Posts-Purcellville,Va. 5-8pm (SOLO)

Cancelled-(SICK) Go see Zach Jones, he's awesome!! December 2: Harvest Gap Brewery- Hillsboro ,Va. 6-9pm (Duo)

December 15: 1836 Tavern-Lovettsville, Va. 7-10pm (SOLO)

December 16: Private Party- Brunswick ,MD. 7-11pm (Full Band) (Marcus)

December 23: ResQ BBQ- Leesburg,Va. 6-9pm (SOLO)

December 29: Loudoun Kitchen- Leesburg ,VA. 8pm-12am (Full Band) (Marcus)

                                                                                                  2022 Shows

Jan 8: Harvest Gap Brewery-Hillsboro,Va 6-9pm (DUO-Joe and Todd)

January 29: The Branch-Leesburg ,Va-7-10pm (4 Piece)

Feb 5: Harvest Gap Brewery-Hillsboro,Va 6-9pm (DUO-Joe and Todd)

March 12: Harvest Gap Brewery-Hillsboro,Va 6-9pm (DUO-Joe and Todd) 

March 17:Coaches Corner St. Patricks Day-Purcellville,Va  TBD(Full Band)

11am-2pm-Ernie Theil, 2:30-6:30pm Bryan Fox and Friends ,7-10pm Todd Brooks and Pour Decisions

March 19: Chefscape-Leesburg,Va -7-10pm (Four Piece)

March 25: Makers Union -Reston,Va 9pm-12am  (DUO-Joe and Todd )

April 1: Private Party- Solace Brewing - Dulles ,Va. 6-9 (Duo-Todd and Joe)

April 9: Harvest Gap Brewery-Hillsboro,Va 6-9pm  (Full Band)

April 15: ResQ BBQ-Leesburg,Va. 7-10pm (Solo)

April 30: Two Twisted Posts-Purcellville,Va. 2-5pm-(Solo)

​May 7: Harvest Gap Brewery-Hillsboro,Va 6-9pm  (Full Band)

​May 8: Carriage House Wineworks-Waterford,Va.1-4pm (Solo)

​May 14: Loudoun County Food Truck Festival-Segra Field (DC United),Leesburg,Va. 11am-4pm (Full Band)​​

​May 21: Harbour Grille-Woodbridge ,Va-9pm-12am (Four Piece) 

May 27: Lost Barrell Brewing-Middleburg,Va.-5:30-8:30pm (Four Piece)

June 2: Andy's Pizza-Lovettsville,Va. 6-9pm (DUO)

​June 4: Harvest Gap Brewery-Hillsboro,Va 6-9pm  (Full Band)

June 7: Private Corporate Event-Middleburg,Va (SOLO)

​​June 10: Lost Barrell Brewing-Middleburg,Va.-5:30-8:30pm (Trio)

June 11: Private Wedding-Martinsburg, WV.  (Todd DJ)

June 12: Jacobs Graduation Party-Harpers Ferry, WV 2-6pm  (TBD)

​June 16

June 17: Leesburg Animal Park- Leesburg,Va -5:30-7:30pm (SOLO)

June 18: Cure For Cleavage Fundraiser-Spanky's Shennanigans-Leesburg,Va. 1-7pm (Full Band)

1-3pm Frayed Knots / Savash 3-5pm/ 5-7pm TBPD

​June 22: River Creek Country Club-Leesburg,Va.-5-8pm (SOLO)

June 25: Private Party- Shepherdstown,Wv.-4:00-8:00pm (Four Piece)

​(Cancelled) June 26: 868 Estate Vineyards-Purcellville,Va 2-5pm (SOLO)

(Cancelled) June 30:Private Wedding-Dickerson Md. 

(Cancelled) July 1: The Branch-Leesburg,Va 6-9pm (SOLO)

July 3:Harvest Gap Brewery- JULY 4TH BASH-Hillsboro ,Va 2-5PM-(Full Band)

July 9 : Harbour Grille-Woodbridge ,Va-9pm-12am (Four Piece) 

July 16: Mom and Pops's Big Bash-Emerald Isle ,NC. (Full Band)

July 21: Andy's Pizza-Lovettsville,Va. 6-9pm (DUO)

July 23:Comus Inn- Dickerson ,Md. 5-8pm (Solo)

July 30: Segra Field -DC United-Leesburg,Va.- 6:15-7:30pm (SOLO)

August 6:Harvest Gap Brewery-Hillsboro,Va 6-9pm  (Full Band)

August 13:Village of Leesburg-Leesburg,Va. 6-9pm (5 Piece)

August 27: Two Twisted Posts-Purcellville,Va-2-5pm (SOLO)

Sept 2: The Branch-Leesburg,Va.- 7-10pm (SOLO)

September 4: Loco Musicians Festival- 868 Estate Vineyards ,Purcellville, Va. -40 plus local musicians all day- 2-9pm (Full Band)

September 5: Private Event- Middleburg,Va-12-3pm 

September 10: Private Class Reunion-Lovettsville,Va. 7:30-10:30pm (Full Band)

September 15: Andy's Pizza-Lovettsville,Va. 6-9pm (DUO)

September 17: Bluemont Fair-Bluemont,Va-4-6pm -(Full Band)

September 21: Segra Field -Loudoun United-Leesburg,Va.-5:45-7:00pm (SOLO)

September 24:Private Party,Fairfax,Va 3-6pm  (Full Band)

Oct 6: Open Road-Merrifield ,Va-5-8pm (SOLO)

October 8:Harvest Gap Brewery- HGB and Todd's Birthday Celebration -Hillsboro,Va- TBD ( Cazhmeire 12-3pm, Delta Spur 3:30-6:30pm, TBPD Band 7-10pm (Full Band) 

Oct 15: The Branch- Leesburg,Va-7-10pm-(Full Band)

Oct 16: Private Community Event- Leesburg Va. 3-6pm (DUO)

Oct 21: 50 West Vineyards -Harvest Festival-Middleburg, Va  6-9pm (Full Band)

Oct 22- Lost Barell Brewing-Middleburg,Va.-5-8pm  (TRIO)

Oct 26: Matchbox Reston-Reston Va.-5:30-8:30pm (SOLO)

October 28: ResQ BBQ-Leesburg,Va.-7-10pm (SOLO)

Oct 29: Private Memorial Party- DJ Show

November 3 : Open Road- Merrifield, Va. 5-8pm(SOLO)

November 5:Harvest Gap Brewery-Hillsboro,Va 6-9pm (DUO-Joe and Todd)

Nov 18: Elysium Axe Bar- Purcellville,Va 7-10pm (DUO- Joe and Todd) 

Nov 30: Matchbox-Reston Va.- 5:30-8:30 (SOLO)

December 1: 1836 Taproom-Lovettsville,Va 6-9pm (SOLO)

December 3:Harvest Gap Brewery-Hillsboro,Va 6-9pm (DUO-Joe and Todd)

December 10: ResQ BBQ-Leesburg,Va.-7-10pm (SOLO)

Dec 17: The Branch-Leeesburg,Va. 7-10pm (Full Band)

December 28-Matchbox-Reston, Va.-5:30-8:30pm (SOLO)

December 31: Old 690 Brewing-Hillsboro Va.-2-5pm (DUO)


                                                                                                                                            2021 Shows

January 9: Box Office Brewing- Strasburg, Va. 7-10pm (Full Band) 

January 17: Farm Brew Live-Manasas,Va. 4-7:30 pm  (TRIO)

January 22: Harvest Gap Brewing-Purcellville ,Va 5:30- 8:30 (DUO)

January 30 :Harvest Gap Brewing-Purcellville, Va 2-5pm (Full Band)

February 13: Harvest Gap Brewing-Purcellville, Va 2-5pm (DUO)

February 27: Vanish Brewing- Lucketts ,Va. 1-5pm (Full Band) 

March 6: Harvest Gap Brewing-Purcellville, Va 2-5pm (DUO)

March 7 :Blue Mountain Wine Crafters-Funkstown, Md. 1-4 pm (SOLO)

March 13: Farm Brew Live -Manassas ,Va 6-9:30pm(TRIO)

March 20: Two Twisted Posts- Purcellville, Va. 2-5pm (CANCELED)

April 1 :Open Mic- Harpers Ferry Brewing- Purcellville ,Va 6:30-9:30pm (Bring Your Band)

April 10: Box Office Brewing- Strasburg, Va. 7-10pm (Full Band) 

 April 17: Harvest Gap Brewing-Purcellville, Va 2-5pm (Full Band)

April 24: Private Party- Bluemont,Va. (Full Band)

April 30: The Derby Restaurant- New Market,MD,6-9pm (SOLO)

May 6: Open Mic -Harpers Ferry Brewing-Purcellville ,Va.  6:30-9:30pm (Bring Your Band)

​May 8: The Winery at Sunshine Ridge Farm-Gainesville ,Va 3-7pm (Full Band)

May 13: Andy's Pizza- Lovettsville ,Va 6-9pm (DUO)

May 15: Harpers Ferry Brewing-Purcellville,Va. 5-9pm (Full Band) With  Rowdy Ace Band 1-4pm

May 29: Harvest Gap Brewing-Purcellville, Va 6-9pm (Full Band)

June 3 : Open Mic- Harpers Ferry Brewing- Purcellville ,Va 6:30-9:30pm  (Bring Your Band)

June 5: Private Wedding-TBD

June 12: Vanish Brewing-Lucketts,Va-1-5pm- (TRIO) 

June 18 : Firefly Cellars -Hamilton ,Va 4-7pm(Solo)

June 19:Cure For Cleavage Fundraiser- Spanky's Shenanigans-Leesburg,Va -with Chris Timbers 1-3pm, Mark Cullinane 3-5pm, Todd Brooks and Pour Decisions 5-7pm (Full Band)

June 25-Private Wedding :Winchester,Va 5pm (TBD)

​June 26- The Harbour Grille- Woodbridge,Va 9pm-12am (FULL BAND)

July 2 : Farm Brew Live/Two Silos Brewing- Manassas, Va. 6:30-10:30pm (Full Band)

July 4:Harvest Gap Brewing-Purcellville, Va 2-6pm (Full Band)

July 10: Box Office Brewing- Strasburg, Va. 7-10pm (Full Band)

July 15: Andy's Pizza-Lovettsville,Va 6-9pm (DUO)

July 17: 868 Estate Vineyards-Purcellville,Va. 1-4pm- (Full Band)

July 30: Hillsboro Old Stone School Concert Series-Hillsboro, Va. 6-9pm (Full Band)

July 31 : Harpers Ferry Brewing-Purcellville, Va. 5-9pm (Full Band) With Note Two Self  (Mike Richards) 1-4pm

August 7: Two Twisted Posts- Purcellville, Va. 2-5pm (SOLO)

August 14:Harvest Gap Brewing-Purcellville, Va 6-9pm (Full Band)

August 28: Harpers Ferry Brewing- Purcellville, Va 5-8pm (Full Band) With Radio Monkey 1-4pm

September 5: Loco Fest-868 Estate Vineyards 2-9pm -Featuring 40 local artists and bands 

September 9:Andy's Pizza-Lovettsville, Va- 6-9pm (DUO)

September 11: Leesburg Commons Shopping Center-Leesburg, Va. 6-9pm- (Full Band)

September 17: Mountain Lake Club- Harpers Ferry, Wv. 6-9pm (DUO)

September 18: Bluemont Festival-Bluemont, Va-  4-6pm  (TRIO)

September 25:Harvest Gap Brewing-Purcellville, Va 2-5pm (Full Band)

September 26 : Private Wedding- Harpers Ferry,WV (Full Band)

October 2: Harvest Gap Brewing-Purcellville,Va 12-3pm (DUO)

October 9: Box Office Brewing- Strasburg, Va. 7-10pm (Full Band) 

October 16: Harpers Ferry Brewing- Purcellville, Va. 5-8pm (TRIO) With Meisha Herron 1-4pm

October 23: 868 Estate Vineyards-Purcellville,Va- 1-4pm (SOLO)

October 30:Harvest Gap Brewing-Purcellville, Va 6-9pm (Full Band)

November 6:The Winery at Sunshine Ridge Farm-Gainesville, Va. 2-5pm (Full Band- 4 piece)

November 13:Harvest Gap Brewing-Purcellville, Va 2-5pm (DUO)

November 20: Harpers Ferry Brewing-Purcellville, Va. 1-4pm (Full Band-Trio)

December 2: Farm Brew Live-Manassas, Va. 5-9pm (DUO-Joe and Todd)

December 4: Private Christmas Party  (Full Band)

December 11: Box Office Brewing- Strasburg, Va. 7-10pm (Full Band-Trio)

December 18:Harvest Gap Brewing-Purcellville, Va 2-5pm (DUO-Joe and Todd) 

Dec 31:Old 690 Brewing- Hillsboro,Va. 1-4pm (SOLO)

  Past Shows-2020 Shows

All Shows Full Band Todd Brooks And Pour Decisions Unless Noted Solo

January 11: Harpers Ferry Brewing Open Mic Night- Purcellville, VA 5:30-8:30 pm (3 Piece)

January 24: Rock N' Claws Restaurant- Ashburn, VA 6-10 pm (SOLO)

February 14: Old 690 Brewery- Purcellville, VA 6-9 pm (SOLO)

February 21: Valley Grill Sports Bar- Middletown, MD 8-11 pm (SOLO)

February 22: Private Party-Bluemont, VA 4-8 pm (3 Piece)

March 1: Barns of Hamilton Station-Hamilton,Va. 1:30-4:30pm (SOLO)

March 12: Rock N' Claws Restaurant- Ashburn, VA 6-10 pm  (SOLO)

March 14: Open Mic Night- Harpers Ferry Brewing- Purcellville, VA 5:30-8:30 (No Band-bring yours)

March 17 :Coaches Corner St. Patrick's Day- Purcellville, Va-1-10pm -All Day Music!  1pm-3:30-Chris Bowen,

3:30pm- 4:30pm-Sela Campbell, 4:30pm-7pm-Mark Cullinane, 7pm-10pm-Todd Brooks and Pour Decisions(Full Band)

March 28: Two Twisted Posts- Purcellville, VA 2-5 pm (SOLO) Pending due to closings, check back for updates.

April 4: Box Office Brewery- Strasburg, VA 7-10 pm (3 Piece) CANCELED

April 10: Open Mic Night- Harpers Ferry Brewing- Purcellville, VA 5:30-8:30 (No Band-bring yours) CANCELED

April 11: Two Twisted Posts- Purcellville, VA 2-5 pm (3 Piece) CANCELED

April 17: Bear Chase Brewery- Bluemont, VA 6-9 pm (SOLO) CANCELED

April 19: Saam Fundraiser- The Barn at Harpers Ferry-Harpers Ferry,WV.- 4-8pm- (3 Piece)- with Meisha Herron Band, Whiskey Foot,Moonstone, and Jack Dunlap- all proceeds benefit Eastern Panhandle Empowerment Center for Sexual Assault Awareness Month CANCELED

April 25: Harpers Ferry Brewing- Purcellville, VA 5:30-8:30 pm (3 Piece) CANCELED

May 1: Valley Grill Sports Bar- Middletown, MD 7-10 pm (DUO) CANCELED

May 2: Spanky's Shenanigans Pub- Leesburg, VA 8:30 pm-12:30 am (3 Piece) CANCELED

May 8: Open Mic Night- Harpers Ferry Brewing- Purcellville, VA 5:30-8:30 (No Band- bring yours) CANCELED

May 9: Harpers Ferry Brewing-Riverfest- Time TBD- Opening for the Darby Brothers w/ Mark Cullinane (3 Piece) CANCELED

May 21: Spanky's Shenanigans Pub-Leesburg, VA 6-9 pm (DUO) CANCELED

May 23: Village of Leesburg Concert Series-Leesburg, Va 6-8pm (Full Band) CANCELED

May 24: Bear Chase Brewery-Bluemont, VA 1-5 pm (Full Band) CANCELED

May 30: Loudoun County Relay for Life- Charity Event-Location and Time TBD (Full Band) CANCELED

June 6: Private Corporate Event- Purcellville, VA 2-5 pm (Full Band) CANCELED

June 12: Open Mic Night- Harpers Ferry Brewing- Purcellville, VA 5:30-8:30 (No Band-bring yours)

June 13: Private Party (Full Band) CANCELED

June 14: Private Wedding (SOLO) CANCELED

June 20: Spanky's Pub-Cure for Cleavage Annual Fundraiser Event- Leesburg, VA- Time TBD (Full Band)

June 27:Harpers Ferry Brewing-Purcellville,Va-5:30-8:30pm (3 piece)

July 2: Spanky's Shenanigans Pub-Leesburg, VA 6-9 pm (DUO)

July 4: Bear Chase Brewery-Bluemont, VA 1-5 pm (Full Band)

July 17: Spanky's Shenanigans Pub- Leesburg, VA 8:30 pm-12:30 am (Full Band) CANCELED

July 18 : Corporate Event- Thurmont Md. 6-9pm (Full Band)CANCELED 

​July 24- Farm Brew Live- Manasas, Va 2-6pm (SOLO)

August 1-Box Office Brewing-Strasburg,Va 7-10pm (3 Piece)

August 2: 868 Estate Vineyards- Purcellville, VA 2-5 pm (3 Piece)

August 13: Spanky's Shenanigans Pub-Leesburg, VA 6-9 pm (DUO)

August 15:Bear Chase Brewery-Bluemont, VA 1-5 pm (Full Band)

August 28: Sunset Hills Vineyard-Summer Concert Series-Purcellville,VA 6-9pm (Full Band)CANCELED

September 6: LoCo Musician's Festival- 868 Estate Vineyards- Purcellville, VA 2-9 pm (Full Band)

September 11: Open Mic Night- Harpers Ferry Brewing- Purcellville, VA 5:30-8:30 (No Band-bring yours)

September 12: Bear Chase Brewery-Bluemont, VA 1-5 pm (SOLO)

September 19- Village Of Leesburg Concert Series-Leesburg 6-8pm  (Full Band)

September 25: Spanky's Shenanigans Pub- Leesburg, VA 8:30 pm-12:30 am (Full Band)

September 26: Harpers Ferry Brewing-Anniversary Weekend Bash-  Purcellville, VA 3:30-6:30pm (Full Band)

With special guests Virginia Hipnecks 12-3pm

October 1: Spanky's Shenanigans Pub-Leesburg, VA 6-9 pm (DUO)

October 3: Private Wedding (SOLO)

​October 9:  Open Mic Night- Harpers Ferry Brewing- Purcellville, VA 5:30-8:30 (No Band-bring yours)

October 10: Private Wedding (SOLO)

October 17: Bear Chase Brewery-Bluemont, VA 1-5 pm (SOLO)

October 31: Box Office Brewing- Strasburg, VA 7-10 pm (Full Band)

November 7: Harvest Gap Brewing- Purcellville,Va. 3-6pm (Full Band)

November 13: Open Mic Night- Harpers Ferry Brewing- Purcellville, VA 5:30-8:30  (No Band-bring yours)

November 20: Spanky's Shenanigans Pub- Leesburg, VA 8:30 pm-12:30 am (Full Band) (CANCELED)

December 11: Open Mic Night- Harpers Ferry Brewing- Purcellville, VA 5:30-8:30 (No Band-bring yours)

December 28: Private Birthday Party - Lovettsville, Va.  (Full Band)


Past Shows- 2019

February 17: Two Twisted Posts- Purcellville,Va- 1-4pm

February 23: Old Ox Brewing- Ashburn, Va-1-5pm                                                                                           

March 1: Harpers Ferry Brewing-Purcellville,Va. 5:30-8:30pm

​March 15: Bear Chase Brewing-Bluemont,Va. 6-9pm

March 17: St Patrick's Day @ Coaches Corner-Purcellville, Va. Schedule Below-

11:00am-1:00pm- Everything In Between/ 1:00-3:00pm- Mark Cullinane/ 3:00-7:00pm-Todd Brooks And Pour Decisions

March 30: Paddy's- Charles Town,Wv-8-11pm

April 4: Sunset Hills Vineyards -Purcellville,Va. 4:30-7:30pm-Reserve and Estate Club Members Only-Release Party-(Solo)

​April 5: Private Corporate Event-Winchester,Va.-(Solo)

April 11: West End Pub-Purcellville,Va. 6:30-9:30pm​-(Solo)

April 14:Two Twisted Posts-Purcellville ,Va.-2-5pm

April 20:Barns of Hamilton-Hamilton,Va. 1:00-4:00pm

April 27: American Legion -Purcellville,Va.  7-10pm

April 28: 50 West Vineyards -Middleburg,Va 1:30-4:30 

May 4: Loco Young Guns - Showcasing 4 Loudoun Young Musicians-868 Estate Vineyards-Purcellville,Va. 5-8pm

Cole Zimmerman/Kirsten Woods of Everything in Between, Luke Andrews,Caleb Madley, and Wayne Snow​ , followed by

Todd Brooks and Pour Decisions

May 11: 147 North-Winchester,Va. 9pm-1am

May 16: Corporate Event-Ashburn,Va.2-4pm

​May 17: Bear Chase Brewing-Bluemont,Va. 6-9pm

May 19: Sunset Hills Vineyards-Purcellville,Va. 1:30-4:30pm

​May 25: Roundhill Festival-Roundhill,Va. TBD

May 26:Harpers Ferry Brewing-Purcellville,Va. 3-6pm 

May 31: Private Wedding Rehearsal Dinner-Washington,Va. 6:30-9:30pm

June 2: 868 Estate Vineyards-Purcellville,Va. 2-5pm

June 7: Harpers Ferry Brewing-Purcellville,Va. 5:30-8:30pm (Solo)

June 15: Cure For Cleavage-Spanky's Shenanigans-Leesburg,Va. TBD

June 16: Sunset Hills Vineyards-Purcellville,Va. 1:30-4:30pm

​June 22: Private Wedding-Fredericksburg,Va.

June 27: Private Wedding

June 29:Creeks Edge -Taylorstown,Va.-2-6pm

July 5-Old Stone School Concert Series- Hillsboro,Va.-7-9:30pm

July 7: 868 Estate Vineyards-Purcellville,Va. 2-5pm

August 4: 868 Estate Vineyards-Purcellville,Va. 2-5pm

August 9:Harpers Ferry Brewing-Purcellville,Va-5:30-8:30pm (Solo)

​Aug 23: Locust Hill Golf Club-Charles Town,Wv. 8-11pm

Aug 24-Private Wedding-Jefferson,Md.

 September 1: Loco Musicians Festival-868 Estate Vineyards- TBD

September 6: 27 South Interiors-Leesburg First Fridays,Leesburg,Va. 6-9pm ​(Solo)

September 8: 868 Estate Vineyards-Purcellville,Va. 2-5pm

September 21-22: Bluemont Fair

September 28: Private Corporate Event-(Solo)

October 5-Harpers Ferry Brewing- Purcellville,Va-5:30-8:30pm

October 12 : Tails, Ales and Wine- HSLC Fundraiser-868 Estate Vineyards

October 13: 868 Estate Vineyards-Purcellville,Va. 2-5pm

​October 19:Private Wedding-Virginia Beach,Va

October 26-DJ Event- Halloween Bash-Harpers Ferry Brewing-Purcellville,Va.-TBD

November 8- Spanky's Shenanigans-Leesburg,Va-9pm-12am

November 10-Two Twisted Posts-Purcellville ,Va.-1-4pm

November 13- Farm Brew Live -Manasas,Va.-5-9pm  (Solo)

November 17- Wheatland Springs Farm- Waterford,Va.-2-5pm  (Solo)

November 21- Spanky's Shenanigans-Leesburg,Va. 8-11pm  (Duo-Todd and Joe)

​Nov 23-Barns of Hamilton-Hamilton,Va-1:30-4:30pm

December 6-Corporate Event- Winchester,Va.

​December 12-Corporate Event- Leesburg,Va.

​December 14-Creeks Edge Winery- Taylorstown,Va. 3-7pm

​December 21-Two Twisted Posts-Purcellville ,Va.-2-5pm

December 27-Harpers Ferry Brewing-Purcellville,Va-5:30-8:30pm​ (Solo)